Gogo Germaine is go-going on the road. Glory Guitars, her punk coming-of-age memoir that is slated for release Oct 11, has already graced the cover of Boulder Weekly and was described as “if Howl had been written by a 15-year-old fanzine writer high on life, booze and illicit pharmaceuticals” by UK music site Louderthanwar. Celebrate with her at the following book launch parties:


9/28/22 (Wednesday) @ KGB Bar featuring Gogo Germaine, Lee Matthew Goldberg (Runaway Train), and Alex DiFrancesco (Transmutation) | 8-10 PM


10/11/22 (Tuesday)

11/19/22 (Saturday)

Mutiny Information Cafe – Riot Grrrl party featuring very special musical and performance guests to be announced!


10/23/22 (Sunday):

8 PM: FORT COLLINS @ Surfside7 featuring punk DJ Jesse Kulenski and Gogo Germaine drinking champagne with books for sale | free

COVER STORY in Boulder Weekly!

“Within the pages of Glory Guitars,” writes Nicholas Hutchinson in Boulder Weekly‘s cover story this week, “many readers will recognize that longing for independence and individualism, whether or not they share Barnes’ particular punk-rock life experiences.”

This beautiful feature is all across newsstands in Boulder this week; pick up a copy or read it online here!



Glory Guitars book review in Louder Than War

“If Howl had been written by a 15-year-old fanzine writer high on life, booze and illicit pharmaceuticals….This memoir of a neurodiverse hell-raiser is reminiscent of Cherie Curie’s memoir, Neon Angel, Kathy Acker’s novel Blood And Guts In High School and (occasionally) Linda Jaivin’s sci-fi erotic novel, Rock’N’Roll Babes From Outer Space. In its darker moments, it also brings to mind the films Thirteen and Kids.”

Cazz Blase reviews Glory Guitars for the UK site Louderthanwar here…and it’s glorious. Check it out!

Glory Guitars Pre-Order Now Available Nationwide

PORTLAND, Oregon – July 13, 2022 – Ensconced in the black hole between childhood and adulthood, a glorious degenerate-grade freedom endures. A rebellion from respectability. An anathema to normalcy. It is the type of defiance that’s hopeful—hurt by the world but looking to reconcile it. 

Enter Gogo Germaine and her girl gang of delinquents. 

As manic teens in the ’90s punk scene, they engage in a vivid spectrum of misbehavior— from truancy to tattoos to trespassing. Here, in the underbelly of adolescence, music is God and the rest is a rush of nihilism. Gogo and her friends stumble through sound and fury into questionable firsts at varying degrees of sobriety. 

Many of us blunder through that black hole. It is a point of universal convergence, manifested by divergent experiences. Gogo’s rebellion may look different from yours, but the soaring highs and visceral lows will be familiar.

For a review copy, or to set up an interview or in-person author event with Ms. Germaine, please contact Erin Barnes, 


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